For over 25 years, Kathryn Parrish has designed extraordinary arrangements to the delight of her clients. Now she is passing along her knowledge and experience with others through

her floral classes. 

Parrish Designs' floral classes are tailored to benefit anyone with a love and appreciation of flowers. Whether you attend by yourself, bring a friend or your Mum, this is a great way to discover what you can create with a little guidance from an expert.


These classes are great for those with a curiosity about flowers and a desire to learn about how to best arrange them. Along with developing your own skills, you will be able to explore the style and philosophy of Kathryn Parrish. These seasonal classes will provide guests with proper tools, demonstrations of signature Parrish designs, useful tips for the care of flowers as well as lessons on creating arrangements with plants and flowers from your own garden. At the end

of the class, you will take home your own creative arrangement made with the help of

Kathryn Parrish.  

Class sessions are from 11a.m. to 2 p.m. Refreshments will be provided throughout the class. 




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