Even in the colorful realm of Miami, designer Kathryn Parrish stands out as a beautiful and authentic creative. Kathryn

and her team collaborate to present unique, fresh, and modern floral arrangements that embrace the seasons and help celebrate life’s most special moments.


Kathryn Parrish encompasses an exceptional quality in her work as it is

rooted in a multitude of cultures from all

over the world.Originally from London, Kathryn studied hospitality and event service in many facets across the globe. She has maintained a deep love for flowers and various aspects of design throughout her life and eventually, she came to a realization that bringing the two together, flowers and design, could be an incredible and exciting career opportunity. Lucky for Miami, Kathryn gathered her European influences and brought her idea to South Florida. 


Now having been in business

for over twenty-five years in Miami,

Kathryn Parrish Design has remained a consistent and quality name in the industry. Kathryn points to her European influences

as an integral part of her success stating

that “European influences tend to be classical, which never go out of style. Likewise, while trends come and go, our team at Parrish Design stays consistent to

our core style, which feels timeless.” Kathryn adds that it is this commitment to their core style that allows them to incorporate new elements while being challenged by the ever-changing world of fashion and design. Combined with attention to

detail and organization, Kathryn’s team molds the client’s vision into a

beautiful execution for any celebration.


Clients of Parrish Design express deep gratitude for Kathryn’s ability to

embrace their individual personalities, making their events feel authentic

and personal. Kathryn includes that working with floral projects requires an open mind and that for her, working with flowers in season is crucial as it allows for the designs to be of their most abundant and fresh quality. 


On inspiration for floral arrangements, Kathryn affectionately points to

the English countryside. “In England, you are always surrounded by the countryside and the country in fact, is very rural,” states Kathryn. She follows that Miami is similar in this way, with vast areas of sprawling green, except

as a tropical landscape. Suitably, Kathryn speaks of her frequent trips to the farms and nurseries of the Red lands and Homestead as some of her premier locations for design inspiration.


In addition to floral design arrangements, Kathryn Parrish Design also offers group and individual classes that are geared to the seasons. These classes

are great opportunities for homeowners in the area looking to spruce up their home while supporting a local business in their community. Even more exciting, Kathryn mentions that she is working on developing a professional program

for people interested in becoming floral and event designers. Be sure to

keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one, Miami creatives!


Essentially, Kathryn Parrish has built a business with her creative designs. She notes one particular event as especially notable— “I created a centerpiece for a charity event at which Mohamed Ali was the guest of honor. Each table had a boxing “ring” created from roses with a butterfly and bee floating above the ring, and Mr. Ali was so impressed that he asked to meet me. Even twenty years later, it is one of the most memorable evenings of my life.” Memorable, indeed, and a perfect description of Kathryn Parrish and her commitment to timeless, meaningful design.

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